Since 2000 I have been designing audio equipment for my own uses, as I couldn’t find what I needed for my own proffesional needs. But in 2008 I started making audio equipment  for other people with similar problems of not being able to buy well made, good quality small lightweight and loud PA’s.

Over the years I have developed with a colleague a wide range of PA systems and audio players specifically designed to suit the needs of street performers and buskers and below are the current three product that I sell at my sister site Stuff and Things


Mk4.5 PA system

Mk4.5 Stuffed Thing with shoulder bag

The Mk4.5 (and it’s predecessor the Mk4) is widely used by many of the worlds top street performers and buskers and is critically acclaimed as one of the best portable PA systems that money can buy. The ideal small PA system needs to be small, light weight and loud, with high quality sound and long battery life and anything other than this will involve compromising either your performance or your ability to easily travel with it.

More information about the Mk4.5 can be found here

And a ‘Busk’ review can be found here


Mk2.5  PA system

Mk2.5 with shoulder bag

The Mk2.5 PA system is ideally suited to street performers for whom size and weight are the most important factors, and yet they still need to be able to reach an audience of a few hundred people.

More information about the Mk2.5 can be found here



Q thing

Q thing with Q remote

the Q thing #2 is a polyphonic stereo WAV player that will play up to 14 audio tracks simultaneously with CD audio quality and it has been developed to make the playback of recorded music and sound easily controllable and instinctive, thereby giving much greater freedom for improvisation and cue timing within performances, sound installations, and a wide variety of other applications.

More information about the Q thing can be found here