Cast aluminium alloy shelves and soap dishes suited to bathrooms, shower rooms and other locations, with stainless steel ‘floating shelf’ brackets. This series are all made  from recycled Toyota MR2 wheels, and are free-form sand casted making eack one unique.  Can be fitted within shower cubicles or next to baths and will not rust. 2021

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Shelf 1 – 35 x 15cm, 25mm thick (max), 0.9Kg














Shelf 2 – 42 x 14cm, 35mm thick (max), 1.6Kg














Shelf 3 – 42 x 15cm, 20mm thick (max), 1.2Kg














Shelf 4 – 43 x 13cm, 30mm thick (max), 1.6Kg














Shelf 5 – 43 x 13cm, 45mm thick (max), 1.9Kg














Corner Shelf – 16 x 17cm, 25mm thick (max), 1.4Kg














Hand shelf – 18 x 19cm, 35mm thick (max), 0.7Kg














Soap dishes – left (45 degree angled) 17 x 9cm, 25mm thick (max), 0.5Kg

Right (90 degree angled)  15 x 8cm, 45mm thick (max), 0.6Kg



































All measurements are approximate. Please contact me for a price list or for custom designs.

Trade enquires are welcome.