Between about 2000 and 2014 I worked at many festivals and events around the UK, Europe and further afield. Working for the National Theatre and Glastonbury were always highlights and many of these images come from those events, where there was the freedom to explore new artistic ideas and push boundaries for myself and audiences. ©


I was, and still am, very flattered that this was John Peel’s favourite performance at the Glastonbury festival 2003
The Surreal World of Edmond Tahl
Glasgow Merchant City Festival
Smudge and Futter’s Antidote to Life
with Bert Eke
Carpet Man and Lino Boy (with Paul Preston Mills)
Grrrravel jacket
The Keystone Kops
The Lost Funeral, Atelier 231, Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France
Winchester Hat Fair
Grave digging in Cheltenham
Working for the National Theatre on London’s South Bank
Dancing to Sentimental Journey
The undead stir
The Lost Funeral on the banks of the Thames
Complete Crepe in Great yarmouth
The Thinker at Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Kendal Mint Fest
Larmer Tree Festival win
being paid by the National Theatre to do cheesy Wotsit portraits on London’s South Bank
Glastonbury resting
The mackerel years
Gits being gits at Glastonbury
Under Pressure at Glastonbury
U.E.A. Norwich

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