A study on aesthetics - what they are, where they come from and how they affect usA study into aesthetics – what they are, where they come from and what they mean to us.   2021  ©

I decided to do another one of these Scrabble Boards about aesthetics in 2019 and it took me two years of thinking about it before I was ready to get the Scrabble tiles out. After lots of pondering the actual process as per normal only took a few days to complete – juggling the words and finding their locations in respect to the flow of the meanings of them. It tends to be not until one has to place a word in relation to its neighbours and its definition that the study gets completed and the relationships are understood. I currently feel that there are two sorts of aesthetics – the ones that are inherited through ‘genetic memory’ which are more objective (towards the right of the board) and the ones that are ‘learned’ which are more subjective (towards the left side of the board).

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Below is some of the ‘working out’ history