?   –  2017

 I have spent several decades attempting to understand and define Art, Quality, Comedy and Truth. If you have ever read Robert Pirsig’s ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE then you will understand the problem.

This scrabble board may be as near as I will ever get to concisely explaining my thoughts, and in many ways it does so much better than the following words.

21st century humanity feels adrift in a sea of lies, deception and falsity which in order to persist must crush truth to prevent contradiction – otherwise known as cognitive dissonance – i.e. the psychological  ‘manipulation’ of reality to reduce disharmony. However by embracing contradiction rather than fearing it truth can be found as truth is where contradiction is not.

For me Art, Quality and Comedy are terms of divination of truth just like philosophy. The ‘better’ the art, the ‘higher’ the quality, and the funnier the comedy then the greater the truth that has been divined. This makes us all truth seekers in almost all aspects of our own subjective worlds, and maybe the greater the truth the more objective it becomes.

“there is only one kind of person, Phaedrus said, who accepts or rejects the mythos in which he lives. And the definition of that person, when he has rejected the mythos, Phaedrus said, is `insane.’ To go outside the mythos is to become insane”  – Robert M Pirsig – Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.


( The blank tile on the board is simply there to link the words comedy and truth – it doesn’t have any other significance – it is slightly annoying that I was not able to link all the words without using this tile, and I have not yet found a comedic solution )